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Removal from Structures

Many flying insects will make a home inside your walls.  Identifying the type of insect is the first step.  The following information only applies to honeybees.  For other insects, such as yellowjackets, wasps, hornets, bumblebees, etc you should consult a professional.  If you see insects coming out of a hole in the ground, or out of a paper or mud nest, they are not honeybees, and unfortunately we can't help you.


If you have bees in a structure such as a house or a tree, removing them is what we call a "cut out." An established colony in your wall is no longer refered to as a swarm.   If you have a swarm of bees please see our swarm list


Removing bees from structures is a different skill set from swarm collection.  If the colony is in your wall, this will require carpentry skills to remove and repair.  Unlike swarm collection, a beekeeper will likely charge a fee to remove honeybees from the walls.  Discuss with the individual which aspects of the job they will be addressing, and what to expect.  You may be responsible for repairing the building after the bees are gone. Specific arrangements for your situation are whatever you and the individual beekeeper agree.


Performing a cut out, and removing the honeycomb and bees is often the best option for homeowners.   Exterminating a hive with spray is often unsuccessful.  The layers of comb prevent the spray from killing all the bees.  Also honeybees make honey, and if the comb is not removed it will attract a new colony, as well as other pests that would love to eat the honey.  The beekeepers will also relocate the hive to a suitible location, so they can continue their work

This is a typical feral Honeybee colony inside a wall

We have complied a list of individuals who perform hive cut outs.   Many of these people do this on a part time basis around their schedules and may not be readily availible.   Names are provided for the information and convenience of the public, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by Stark County Beekeepers Association.  Any and all work is between individuals

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