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SCBA 1st Half 2019 Meeting and Speaker Schedule

January 20 - Winter Banquet February 2 - Stark Beekeepers’ Beginners Bee School Feb 5 - 7pm - Meeting, Speaker: Denzil St Claire Phone call talk

March 1st and 2nd - TriCounty Beekeepers’ 41 th Annual Spring Workshop, Wooster, OH March 5 - 7pm - Speaker: “Mite Talk Before Supers” Jamie Walters 196miles

April 2 - OSBA traveling speaker “Queen Rearing for the Small Apiary April 13th - Field Day at Sheila Dickens 10:30 to 2:00

May 14 - Meeting, Speaker: “How to manage hives for maximum honey production “Chris Merckle May Queen rearing/Queen cells project ?????

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