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Bob's beekeeping adventures #6

OMG! My bee colony is growing so quickly. 2 weeks ago I checked the medium frames I added. They were doing very nicely. 2 outside frames in each upper box were full of honey and being capped and the frames next to them were being drawn. They middle frames were full of eggs, larvae , and capped brood. And, lot's of bees!

So I did find what looked like queen cells on the bottom of some frames. Now that made me a little nervous. Will they swarm, I wondered. Are the frames getting to full, I thought. I ain't got time for that! So I thought I'd ask some questions at the June meeting. I talked to John Wise and his wife about that and some other things and sure learned plenty. I also found out that Bob Stephan is a stone's throw from my house. Ok, next on the list, call Bob.

I called Bob. We chatted about bees, obviously! I asked him to help with my next inspection and he generously accepted, however, at the last minute my schedule changed and we couldn't meet up. He did suggest that I put on some honey supers. Luckily, I was thinking the same and had already made a visit to see Eli to get the supplies I needed to make that happen.

Well now I'm really excited to see some honey production going on! Bob and I will schedule another time to get together. In the meantime, I'll be watching more videos, reading, and just plain watching my bees come and go!

Stay tuned for pictures in the next post!

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