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Honey Bee Tales #5

Operation: BEES!

I had become a 'Nervous Nelly' as the end of April became the first weeks of May. I kept busy reading, making minor adjustments to the apiary layout and found myself frequenting garden centers searching for the perfect bee plants as if I was outfitting a nursery for a newborn!

The above pic shows my addition of two 2x4's under the hives to create areas to hang frames during hive inspections and to set lids, boxes and tools as needed between the two hives. The spacing between the two boards gives easy access and movement between the hives and along the sides too.

It ended up being our mentor Bob (who we refer to Bob the Bee Man) who actually picked up the bees and then gave the call that 'Operation: BEES!' was a go! Countdown: 30 minutes ...

I pulled my bee tool wagon out to our apiary, double checked supplies, cranked up the smoker and suited up as I saw Bob's truck pulling up our lane.

As Bob opened the truck's tailgate, we could hear the bees a BUZZING. They certainly did not sound very happy! We decided to simply place the nucs on the top of each hive, crack open the nucs' entrances and give them a few days to calm down and become oriented to their new surroundings.

Until next time .... Good Night Girls!

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