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Kristi's "Newbee" Adventures #4 HIVE inspection time!

May 2 ~~~ visit to watch Ryan (my mentor) check his hives he just installed! Wow, he makes it look so EASY. I was able to see how to release queen, look for eggs, and see an established hive. After this, we went down to our two hives to check queens! Neither queen was released yet. It is amazing to me the difference in the hives. One is very calm, quiet... the other is more aggressive and loud! When we opened the second (fussy hive) immediately all the bees on the top had their butts up. (which I was told.... might not be good!)

I feared the queen was dead or gone! She was there still to my relief! Although she wasn't released and they seemed to be swarming her cage we released her and prayed she stayed on the frame! SUCCESS on both queen releases.

Things looked ok otherwise. Both hives taking sugar water! One more than the other. I could also see bees taking flight!

May 9~~~ Another learning curve! YEP, dropped the frame with the queen! It was the calmer hive, but that wasn't well received! Amazingly queen stayed on the frame. LOL... quickly checked and couldn't really see any eggs but our frames are yellow so it is difficult. With the bees pretty upset, we didn't mess too much with the hive!! Second hive, found the queen and bees very busy building comb. Lots of pollen coming in and mostly yellow which makes sense since there is lots of dandelion around.

May 15 ~~~ So exciting! I found larvae and capped brood! I didn't see the queen in the first hive but definite evidence she's there. Even found capped honey!

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