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Kristi's NewBee Adventures #3 "The Big I"

Ryan (my amazing mentor) suggested that I wait until Monday (4/30/2018) to put the bees in since weather looked better than on Sunday. I decided that I would take them on a field trip to school with me. I teach 3rd grade! Most of these kids will never see anything like this again so off we went! They LOVED it!

After getting them home from my classroom, it was clear, these bees wanted out! Very loud buzzing and seemed genuinely irritated. After school I took them to our property for install. I talked with Ryan at lunch and took many notes on what to do! It all looks easy on paper and the videos make it look super easy. Many don't even wear suits.

The BIG install and LEARNING CURVE for sure!

#1 putting the queen cage in is HARDER than you think it will be! Note to self: cage horizontal with wire side down, candy towards center, and make sure it is secure when placed! YES, we did it all wrong!

We installed the hive by removing the frames to allow the box to fit. It was suggested that we try just putting the box into the hive without shaking them in. To me, I was certainly liking this plan! This went smoothly! I felt like this was piece of cake! Second install the same process and was EASY!

My son kept telling us candy is supposed to go down. I had talked to Ryan earlier and I didn't think so. I took copious notes which sounds great but then you go to the hive and you have NO notes! It all started just all running together as far as what to and not to do! So, candy down it is!

We put the sugar feeders on the front and went on our way! We were eating dinner and I just didn't feel like the queens were right. I quickly texted Ryan and sure enough.... NOPE! so back we went!

And let me tell you!!!!! THIS EXPERIENCE WAS a TRAIN WRECK! The bees were beyond P...ed off that we were back. They totally let us know! YEP, my husband was even stung through gloves.

One queen cage had fallen to the bottom and the other was barely secure but at least was still up on the frames.

After much shaking, nervousness, and feeling like I just messed this whole install up we went on our way!

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