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Bob's beekeeping adventures #5

May 15.....5:15am......waking up from a dream that the bees escaped in the night. I grabbed my flashlight and headed out. Well, the frogs and crickets must have been scared off because the bees were still mad. But they were also still there. I wasn't sure whether or not to let them out or keep them locked up until later. I figured that if they weren't allowed out now, they would have their way with me when I did open the box, so I grabbed the screwdriver and slowly backed out the screw. Carefully I moved the block out of the way and got the heck outta there. They wanted out alright. I told them I'd be back later.

When later arrived (around 6 pm), I got my gear ready and headed out. I kept telling myself to just do it like they taught me at bee school. Everything went ok. No stings. All the frames looked good even though I couldn't find the queens. I'll wait till next inspection and look closer because even though everything went well, I was worried that the bees still had a grudge.

After all was said and done, I felt really good about the whole process! I can't wait to visit them each day and see how they enjoy their new home. And now, time to celebrate with a nice new beverage I found at the local carry out. Prost!

the bees still had a grudge and might revolt.

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