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Bob's beekeeping adventures #3

WOW! Field day at Jeff and Sheila's house was the coolest! Thanks to everyone who helped and came out. I'll admit I was a little - ok a lot - nervous, but I sure was excited too. Listening to all the neat stories about everyone's experiences had a calming effect and helped ease the nervousness. Finally, it was time to suit up! Off to the first hive we marched, everyone dressed for the worst, lol. The top was popped and behold.....we were inside the abode of one of the most remarkable creatures on the planet!

We passed around the frames carefully inspecting and taking mental note of the various stages of the life cycle of a honey bee. Look! There are the eggs, and over here....the larva! Yep, there I was holding a frame full of bees with my own hands. Oh boy, hang on and don't drop it or squish any of the bees!

After checking out 2 hives we headed to the lunch table with more questions and answers and some very nice comradery. Bee keepers sure are cool!

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