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Honey Bee Tales! #2

Christmas in a Box!

Christmas in a box! Well at least that was my initial thought, as I opened the door to my highly anticipated Amazon package.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (our pet micro pig) rallied beside of me with grunts and squeals, as I excitedly lifted each item from among the cardboard and bubble wrap layers. Just like a very young child though, it was simply the empty box that captivated Franklin's attention once all of the items were revealed.

With Franklin off playing, I was able to enjoy taking a closer look at each of my newly unboxed items: a smoker (smoke calms the bees for hive inspections and honey harvesting), hive tools (helps to pull off the hive lid and separate the frames), uncapping knife & roller (helps release honey for harvesting), brush (gently move bees off frames), frame spacer (helps to equally space frames within box), and a metal sign that will mark the entrance to our bee yard.

I also purchased a ventilated 'Humble Bee' suit to wear while I'm tending our beehives. I like that the suit has elastic around cuffs, metal zippers, a round veiled hat, and mesh areas to help with air circulation within the suit. I am very pleased with the quality of the suit's fabric and feel that its sizing runs true to size (I referred to the company's online sizing chart).

Heeding advice shared during a bee association meeting, I am taking the time to familiarize myself with the new tools prior to actually needing to use them. This includes wearing the bee suit and practicing to light the smoker too.

Here's a "Beekeeping for Dummies" Youtube video demonstrating lighting a smoker (click image to view) ...

Until next time ....

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