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Honey Bee Tales!

Hi, My name is Edie and I invite you to follow along my "Honey Bee Tales!" as I chronicle my first year as a beekeeper. I'm in hopes that this blog will be both entertaining and informative with the addition of comments and suggestions from bee supporters of varying backgrounds and experience levels.

My personal fascination with bees stems from listening to "Flight of the Bumblebee" (click title to listen to a small section of music). As a young child I recall 'buzzing' along with the music and waving my arms, as if I was the little bee portrayed through the notes. Even today as an adult, I still enjoy the music's rapid, chaotic style which gets me moving like a bee (quick, but efficient) when at times a coffee or chocolate bar won't jolt me out of neutral gear.

And now after many years of contemplating beekeeping, I'm very excited to finally start making my dream a reality!

As we prepare for the arrival of our bee babies (two nucs) I attended bee school, both my husband (Scott) & I joined the beekeeper association, attend meetings, connected with a mentor, registered our beehives with the state, and enjoy reading bee books & info.

Currently, "The Beekeeper's Bible" (Abrams) graces my nightstand. The book is described as 'part history book, part handbook, and part cookbook with stunning illustrations". I recently started reading the history section and have found it to be very interesting (I should note I'm both a History & Discovery Channel fan).

I confess though to having jumped to the back of the book to read through the recipe section first! In my opinion, many of the book's recipes are a 'must-try'.

Suggestion: Try the Spiced Honey Hummus ... it's both easy and yummy!

Question: Do you have a favorite book to suggest to a new and/or seasoned beekeeper? (I look forward to your suggested book titles to add to my reading list)

And please let me know if you try the hummus recipe too!

Until next time ...

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