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Kristi's "Newbee" Blog ~ Introduction to Me!

Hi, My name is Kristi and I am a newbee here with not only bee keeping but also blogging! I thought this would really help me chronicle the journey I am about to embark on. My great uncle was an avid bee keeper. I was pretty young and didn't understand really any of it other than he brought us honey, wore a funny suit... I have wanted to keep bees but never really knew the first thing about it. I went to the "Bee Workshop" and was instantly drawn in to this world of bees! I had no idea the complexity and divine world of the bee. I signed up for the workshop not really knowing what it would entail. I will say, I am overwhelmed, worried, and excited all at the same time. I have read the book I received, watched YouTube videos, and have went to the Stark County Bee Keepers meetings in the hopes of understanding what I am about to embark on. In about a month I've learned some new vocabulary I had no idea of before... brood boxes, honey supers, Varroa mites, wax moths, queen separators, 8 frames, 10 frames, capped brood, brood pattern, capped honey....

With all that said, here I go! Jumping right in to this bee keeping world. First order of business, ordering bees, boxes, suits, tools! Wow, it is pretty pricey getting started! That has been a surprise but this is an investment for years to come and a hobby that will hopefully bring me much joy! (even though I am sure sorrow, frustration, and failure too)

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