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DIY Top-bar Workshop Details

Come learn how to build your own beehive at this hands-on workshop. Bring your own supplies or purchase them at a low cost. Contact Tom at for more information

*******PLEASE NOTE!********* This is a workshop for the Stark County Beekeepers Association Members. If you'd like to attend, and you are not yet a member, you can go to and sign up. Yearly dues are $10 per person or family. Come learn how to build your own beehive at this hands-on workshop. Bring your own supplies or purchase them at a low cost. Contact Tom at tomp@starkfresh.orgfor more information Top Bar Hive DIY Workshop Instructions The workshop will be held at the StarkFresh Urban Teaching Farm located at 2220 Winfield Way NE, Canton, OH on Saturday April 23th from 10am until 12pm. Rain or Shine. Pre-registration is required so we make sure we have enough supplies and space. After you leave this workshop you will have a complete hive that you can put bees into. You can use any type of wood you wish but prices and product numbers have been provided for the lowest cost wood available from Home Depot for a reference. Please pre-register When you register, please let Tom know the following information so he can plan accordingly: 1. Which option below you will be doing 2. If you will be needing a set of top bars for your newly crafted hive 3. If you will be needing an aluminum piece for the roof 4. What, if any, tools you will be bringing (cordless drill is needed, and a hammer) All Pre-registration must be done no later than Friday, April 15th. We will be building a no-frills version of a Top Bar Hive. It has no screened bottom board, a flat top with a metal covering and no frills. There are several options for you. They are: 1. You can bring all wood pre-cut and we will help you assemble them 2. You can bring raw wood that needs to be cut (bring a power saw if you are doing this) 3. You can pre-order a set of pre-cut wood that you can assemble If you have any of these items, it would be beneficial for you to bring them along as we will be sharing tools. If you don’t then that is Ok too. Cordless Drill with charged battery, Skill Saw, Hammer, Tin Snips We will not be making top bars in this workshop. They are extremely labor intensive and time-consuming and involve multiple saw changes to create finished product. 2 different types of bars will be demonstrated so you can make them at home or you can purchase a pre-made complete set of them for a special workshop price of $35. These are made to order so you must tell us that you need then ahead of time. Also, the roof covering can be anything you wish, the dimensions needed to wrap the roof with aluminum are 24” x 44”. Pieces of aluminum will be available to purchase for $10 per piece or you can bring your own. Material list/ Part of Hive/ Home Depot Part Number and Price 1. 1x12 12’ common pine board/sides/ 458-554 $24.31 2. 1x8 6’ common pine board/bottom board/914-827 $7.46 3. 1x3 8’ (qty 3) pine strip/roof/ 164-360 $1.42 each 4. 7/16 2x4 OSB project panel/ roof (Heavier)/925-778 $4.65 OR 4. 1/4 2x4 MDF project panel/roof (lightweight)/354-221 $6.67 5. 2x4 84” (qty 2) KD Whitewood std/legs (optional)/915-319 $2.13 6. 1x2 8’ strip/ follower board/ 160-954 $0.92 7. 1x12 6' common pine board **TIPS**Legs are optional, and of those who do have legs many will choose to use a pressure-treated 2x4 to help with rot. Any type of wood can be used for the hive body, including plywood if you so choose. Just be sure that thickness of the wood is no smaller than 3/4 inch. Also, many times you can find good, usable wood in the 70% off discount bin in the back as well. If you are looking to have pre-cut wood ready for you when you arrive the cost for a kit would be $60. The metal for roof covering and top bars are additional and not included in this kit price. ***PLEASE NOTE*** There are no restroom facilities at the farm. The nearest restroom is 5 minutes by car up the street.

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