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May 30 - Hive Splitting Workshop

Learn to increase your beeyard, by splitting your hive in two.

Making splits is a great way to replace winter losses, and increase the size of your yard. This will be a hands on workshop, in the beehives. Make sure to bring your beesuit.

Please call with questions and RSVP to Jeff & Sheila: 330-868-3692

The event will be from on Saturday May 30th from 10:30 till about 1 or 2. Unlike many of our other events, there will be no meal at this event.

This event is also to help people prepare their yards to have install new queens from the queen rearing commitee. The commitee will have queens approximately June 6th.

Please contact Joe Heider of the queen commitee if you are interested in getting a virgin queen from survivor stock.


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