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Email List

The Stark County Beekeepers' Association maintains an e-mail list server. Members and guests (with approval of the club) are welcome to sign up for the available lists.

Standard list etiquette is expected from all participants:


  • Keep posts on topic and of general interest to the list. For personal messages, please use private e-mail.

  • Remember to be polite and kind to others. E-mail lacks the facial and body language nuances of face-to-face communication, so manners are extra important to avoid offending others.

  • Avoid controversial, off-topic subjects such as religion and non-beekeeping politics. There are other forums that are more appropriate for these topics.

  • Please refrain from posting overtly commercial or for-profit messages to the list. Recommendations of beekeeping suppliers are fine, as long as you are a customer and not an employee or owner.

  • Do not post personal or private information to the lists. These are not a secure communication medium.


Unless otherwise stated, messages posted to any SCBA e-mail list do not represent official policy statements by the Stark County Beekeepers' Association or its officers. Any announcement that is official will be labeled as such by the posting officer.


Click here to subscribe to the Buzz Email list.

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